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We are just like you! A group of savy individuals who care about receiving quality private security services. We've scoured the internet and utilized all of our resources to compile true data, feedback, and customer satisfaction ratings to bring you a quality list of the bay areas top private security guard companies! We've even went further than that and found articles, stories, and events to allow you to read up on your favority companies. Some of them have quite impressive clientele lists, in which I'm sure they would be more than happy to provide you with upon request.

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Top Rated Security Review! Companies that have consistently shown quality work and hold excellent reputations receive a Top Consumer Award from us!


4 1/2 Star Rating!Our 5 Star Rating System is pretty self explanatory. We base the ratings on internet reviews, customer satisfaction reports, etc.


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There are many Bay Area Security Guard Companies to choose from, so picking just the right service for you can be quite a daunting task. The key things to remember when selecting a Private Security Service is NOT price, but rather the quality of Security Guards you are getting and the Customer Service level of the Security Company that is providing them. Reading some online reviews can be quite helpful as well. Here is an article we found to help you choose the right Private Security Company.
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